Privacy Policy


We use 3rd-party for to serve ads to make it more accessible what you want when you visit our website. The ad companies we work with (yet only Google) sometimes may use information (not any personal information contains your name, password, address, email address, telephone number or any other kind of personal information). We assure you these informations may only about your visits and it is only because to provide advertisements about what you may be interested in. We never share any kind of personal information and you will be never asked for your password except signing in process. All users are responsible for their own password security, they are not allowed to share their passwords/accounts with any other person.

Storing Data

Our website displays ads and some external links to 3rd-party websites offered through Google AdSense and the websites we preview. Our ads work with the DoubleClick DART cookie. Cookies are tiny information files which is stored in your computer during a visit a website. Only information will be stored is about your visit, which ad you clicked, which ad you viewed, etc. These cookies help us and Google to provide you more useful information.

For more information about DART cookie, you can visit official Google ad and content privacy policy.

External Links

Wboxy is not and will not (unless it is stated here) be affiliated with any other advertisers than Google on our website. Links or references to individuals or companies do not constitute an endorsement of any information, product or service you may receive from such sources. Clicking on advertisements or links that take you off our website is done at your own risk - we are not responsible for any issues resulting from interactions with advertisers, their websites, or their affiliates.